Students will help groom and tack up the horse, ride, and un-tack. 

Learn about horsemanship, horse behavior, and basics of riding through a variety of excersises. 


Group Lessons

If students are advanced enough to control the horse without full attention a group lesson can be requested (for siblings or friends). 

A private lesson may be required first to assess the riders ability.


Proper Riding Attire

Riders must wear pants/jeans, appropriate shirts or jackets for the weather, secure boots/closed toe shoes, and a helmet if under 18.

Waiver to be signed upon initial lesson.

Beginner / Youth Friendly

Creating positive experiences with horses

I want to provide a place for beginner and youth riders to be able to establish positive experiences with horses while learning how to best communicate with their equine partner. 

I have lesson horses available that adapt to the riders ability and that I can use to teach grooming techniques, horsemanship, ground work exercises, riding exercises, how to tack up a horse, how to read horse behavior and so much more. 

I focus on safety and learning, and love watching riders gain knowledge and comfort around horses.

We will work in the arena, on various obstacles, and on the property trails.

I also accept haul ins and am happy to work with you and your horse.

I look forward to meeting you!


Contact Us

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  • Age of rider requesting lesson
  • Date / Time availability
  • Target goals of horseback riding lessons

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