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We aim to create horses who are gentle, soft, confident, willing partners for their riders. We ride our horses each day focusing on these items and asking them to work on a variety of skills to keep them fit and mentally stimulated. 

We work out on our properties trails, as well as in our arena. We desensitize to a vast number of objects and machines to make sure your horse is ready to handle anything you throw at them!

Desensitizing * Conditioning * Trail Riding * Obstacle Training * Problem Horses * Colt Starting

30 or 60 day options - contact us for more information

Training includes: 

Stall with covered run, turnout available

Quality grass hay & alfalfa pellets

Will feed any grain / supplements you provide


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  • Age / breed of horse needing training
  • Desired month / length of time for training
  • Target goals of training

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